(The African Dream)


I have a dream…
like many an African child’s hybridised songs
they are combed into a fantasy world of loneliness
the dreams of a dreamer in his father’s landscape
does not crawl to fit the fiddling flute on a mountain
channels of our minded self seldomly sleep soundly
their lonesome in a paired mind


like many an African child,
these dreams are stomached pains of hunger
pains of motherhood that never dries its tears
to be that man of his mirrored-self
is only one realised score in the horizons of the mind
flooded guns, weapons and cheats
have eaten destined intestines in their diseased selfishness


common grounds that echoes eclipses in circulation
the believer is but only a half-painted achiever
her tears, an un-sung melody to the hills
his smiles, an un-revealed revelation to the clouds
the feet of the sane is a lousy lake of insanity to the insane
but these echoes, these diluted melodies
like any African riddle, is only meaningful to the cold-hearted adherent…

© Nana Arhin Tsiwah


9 thoughts on “THE AFRICAN DREAM

      1. And quote with great measure, “The strength of words had lost value to the greed of profit”… This what our present fate of people driven and not purpose driven has end us. Greed has entered the human faculty and chamber to a larger extent that we see no tale in the rekindle of words to heal this bagged-world.

      2. African leaders sign 70% of deals with international multilateral and national corporations chiefly stealing the resources of the citizenry; leaving innocent souls to die of hunger, poverty and chronic diseases. Change is urgent! Very inadvertent.

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