Over the years, more than fifteen years, I have had problems with the way issues of history relating to the African is discussed concerning its documentation and why some pricked paranoids think the African was in a way a folly scrubbing his teeth without a thought of the blood that shall bleed from his gum. In this mystified edition, I would like to elaborate to some extent on why African History faults on written or any other kind of documentations.

First, let me state through within the lion’s jabs that there is a missing truth which has evaded many people through out the count of history or since history became an appraised academic pursuit. I tell you this truth. This basic yet extra defining truth that about 95.8% of people who supposedly claim to be historians or history addicts dead or alive have never knew or not know regardless of race. African History, one of an Africa origination, is Reincarnation. Reincarnation in the most spiritual, significant and epistle emphasis ever to have been of any Revered Ancestor of this land called Africa.

African History not of the land per say, but of the people and their origination in connection with the land as a Spirit is synonymous to the soul of the spiritual African— that is the history. It replenishes it being through delicate complicated self-rituals. In the perspectives of the African Traditionalists, as a direct cognizance reflective of culture, there exist another world for the soul when the human body passes on— thus, the Ancestral World. It is in this world that another ancestor is supposed to come back to unite with his family again or with his blood. This in Akan for instance like any other culture is through birth. To the Akan, it is said, “Kwasanbra” -(returned soul).


In this view of the spiritual, interchangeable and interconnected spider-web like frame of the African History, the African needs no documentation of whatever kind to his credit or to boost up his credentials. The soul that is Reincarnated from the Ancestral World comes like any other updated information. The human given birth to is thus an Ancestor or Ancestress who lived sometimes back in dated historical era. It is in this frame that the histories or history of his people present is re-transmitted.

Taking the African and his culture, it has been an established ethno-euro historical and philosophical fallacy that the African had no culture until the emergency of slavery and colonialisation of his world. Such written documentations have gone viral and endeared spiral acceptance through out time count. This in so many ways have had a replication in historical echoes. It is in this frame of conceptual deceit and delusion that many grand-ancestors hid the basic elements that defined their existence in their Hearts, Minds and Eternal Soul World.


Therefore, to say that African History needs to be recorded or documented in any rigid ways possible like the way European people do their things, would be tantamount to saying the soul has no other world to stay after departing from here. Asaase Yaa (Mother Earth), is vast and beyond description of the physical geographic jurisdiction as of sovereign demarcations to countries. The ever lived Great Ancestors and Ancestresses of Africa were conscious souls and dreadfully thougtful people who knew beyond time. Since time in it perfect view counts from the Ancestral World before it is manifested to the physical world; they knew that eventually, all things as is of history is prone to distortion. That greed and envy which creeps in the hearts of other men other than their own would find ways to outwit their descendants.

The drawing up of maps and documentations in this throw and wash is critical to the after-effect of preserving history in a very delicate and complicated way where possible. It is in the assumption and forgery that could arise out of man-pounce-man, thus, breed of civilisations that the Great Ancestors impractically didn’t document most precious part of their African history. Since humanity can’t utterly be wiped off the earth which is an extension of the Ancestral World, then in the wisdom of the Ancestors and Ancestresses, to chose Reincarnation as a means to re-write, re-tell and re-store those part of the histories which shall be eroded and distorted, and to even tell more of the hidden.

This is an original written African Historical analysis by

©Nana Arhin Tsiwah

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