A Brief Encounter With NANABAYIN ASAAM winner for


A Brief Encounter With NANABAYIN ASAAM winner for “Most Impressive Poem” for THE VILLAGE THINKERS HONORARY POETRY AWARDS

√√ Felicitaions Nanabayin, for the win… Who is Nanabayin and brief educational background?

Born Michael Nanabayin Kofi Asaam, but have always liked to be called Nanabayin Asaam. In the ring of poetry I go by the name Haymaker. From Saltpond but have lived most of my life in my little city Abura Dunkwa. Attended Baiden Walker and later moved on to St. Mary’s Boys’ SHS at Takoradi and now at Cape Coast Polytechnic.

√√ Ever dreamnt of becoming a poet? How far has the journey fared with poetry been?

All my life I wished to be in something related to Arts specifically acting but poetry came along the line on high school. As to if I thought it would get this far I thank God for that because the journey has never been easy.

√√ What has been the inspiration in writing poetry?

The fact that something I write might touch a reader’s life or emotions is enough to get get me going. Its also a joy to write so I guess that pushes me on.

√√ Why not any other genre but poetry?

Well for now it’s poetry which is taking most part of me but I do blend Drama and Novels along the line too.

√√ Haymaker, were you expecting to win any of this noble honorary award(s)?

Actually it was a big surprise for me because I still see myself as being in the pipeline so having this award is a big thing for me. Thanks to the Creator.

√√ How far has poetry transformed your life?

That would leave us years of pages to scribble.

√√ Does poetry in our part of the world (Africa) get enough support?

Well so far I think support for poetry in our country is still a big but to crack. I’m just praying the nation sees how big this industry is growing and act accordingly to that.

√√ How best has social media boost your poetry writings?

Frankly and truthfully speaking it has really helped me. Exposing me to the real world of poetry and granting me the chance to interact with other poets, its really helped.

√√ Nanabayin, can you tell us some of the challenges you have faced and still faces as a poet?

A lot of challenges have come along the line but since China was not built in a day, I know they will come but I will have to turn them into motivators.

√√ What comments can you make to those who have supported you this far?

I thank the Almighty for this gift. I wouldn’t have been here if not for Him. Also I really thank Theophilus Nana Abeiku Arhin Tsiwah for his endless support. I say he is the pillar in my poetry life. Mama Lucy Tawiah also can’t be left out cos out of nowhere I came and out of nowhere she accepted me, and to everybody who have helped me in one way or the other I say unto them
#NyameNhyira Hom Daaa##……


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