(A lonesome monody to the Ghanaian Statewoman and designer of the Ghana National Flag, Theodosia Salome Okoh who died today at the age of 92)

The sun has come home
Singing of pain and blood.
The moon has lost her cheerful ring
Holding her breast in a calabash
Of dry palm wine and squeezed kola….

Another day has folded her sorrow in our hearts,
The sand of evil and darkness has fallen into our eyes.
She, the black Obaatampa tree
Has fallen to the shouts of the cold winds of the Atlantic…

The monogrammatic letter of the casket,
Has reported your farewell chorus.
The epigrammatic tales of you at the cemetery,
Has found a hole to hide your cold tears in me.
I wish to ask one thing of this master;
Why let this day of unawares catch me before light?

The colours you forged in it purest gleam
Beams on the verandah of Independence.
The paint you poured into the eyes of the Union Jack,
Sits with the imprints of Nkrumah in my archives
Waving and fading into the eyes of time.

Though I would have loved to write you a song
And have your autograph embroidered in my face
Of how beautiful your soul was,
But death like the drums of the cemetery would say;
“When holds something at grip, none can take it back”…

Farewell, glorious blood—
farewell, kindred soul—
farewell, warmth heart—
Your imprints has left the hunter
Dotted indelible trails to follow to the land of birth
Okoh, farewell
For your tears, I have sucked them into the belly of Ta’kora…

Nana Arhin Tsiwah
(The Village Thinker)
© All copyrights reserved, 2015
19/04/15, 19:27 GMT

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