Nominations for the honorary poetry awards has been opened…
Nominate your favourites African-cultural poets(esses)

Date: 11-15 April, 15…
Nominate the poet and one of his works on “The Village Thinkers” page on facebook…..


**Best poet/poetess:
This is meant for a poet/poetess who in diverse ways have proven to be consistent in their writings and have keep the anchor of true African poetry….

**Best speaking poem:
This is meant for a particular poem which sought to speak or address a problem be it cultural or African-related….

**Identity inclined poet:
This is meant for a poet/poetess who all through his/her writings have demonstrated unique presence with his tone, language and style of the rich African culture, history or Africanism…

**Africa’s eyes of poetry:
This is meant for a poet/poetess whom every reader of his/her works can be proud to say; this poet/poetess holds the torch of Africa’s poetry in the near future…

**Order of the village
This is meant for a poet/poetess who clinically defines most of his/her inspiration for writing from the village and continues to appreciate his/her root….

**Bearer of the sword of truth
This is meant for a poet/poetess who no matter what be the situation has made it a point to write and tell the sweet-bitter (true) tales which defines Africa and her culture…..

**Honorary conferment (for distinguished elder):
This is meant for any lover of poetry who from day one has continued to explicitly show his/her support to the course of this poetry vision and movement (The Village Thinkers). Such individual as specified must be an elder who has assumed a thumb for the realisation of this aspiration.

**Voice of old:
This is meant for a poet/poetess who in his/her writings makes use of African proverbial language and brings to readers profound reflection from the days of generations that lived many years ago…..

**Soul of Asaase Yaa:
This is meant for a typical traditional poet/poetess or a poet/poetess who can easily be identified by his/her persistent use of a local dialect to express his/her poetic thoughts….

**Outstanding Personality:
This is meant for any poetry personality who through out his/her writings and self-realisation has made it a fountain of inspiration to many young and upcoming African poets…

**Most impressive poem
This is meant for one poem which reveals through beautiful poetic elements yet still digs into the cultural heritage of the African….

#PriceTag: Certificates of honor, gift packages and special interview plus features of winning poems and interviews on the following inking world…

The Village Thinkers:
“Nurturing tomorrow’s African poetry giants”

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