THE POLITICAL GIMMICKERY: Sublime school of thought


THE POLITICAL GIMMICKERY:        Sublime school of thought

In a politically quagmire like ours, I don’t see the usefulness of prudent dialogue emanating from both majority and minority. See, we have wallowed and been made to swallow issues, miscalculated fraudulent deals, myopic egocentricism and diabolic parochialism. I don’t blame them much, but somehow, I blame myself and myself only for being mentally impotent to understand their tactics. You may not agree with me thoroughly or even subscribe a byte of my mindry integumental idiosyncraticsm, but know now before their sirens of “vote for me” begins to eat the weaponry of your mind. Whether party ‘A’ or ‘B’; how inclined his toasted theories might seem, they are not better than the rhetorics of their fore-runners.
I may not be a student of politics but comprehending these rhythms and melodies of politricks is nothing of a hundred days cooked proverbial wisdom to be understood. Show me the right man standing in the party and perhaps by an elementary scrutiny of common sense I shall prove to you his hidden demagogic pathology.

Usually, I don’t make pronouncements of who should be on the flagship heritage, however, no matter how dicey the norm shall look I try many ways and reasons to probe tactically into the intimacy of issues of this magnitude. When last I checked from the minute handle of my old-wooden clock, I could only fathom how detasteful this word ‘politics’ has become in our house. It has assumed a rotten tooth which only leaves the rest with nothing except gum-bleeding. Many times I have eaten from the table of radio and television discussions thinking they were too good a delicacy for consumption. Interestingly, I didn’t know I was been fed with mashed excrement and scavengerism of bigotry and illsomeness. See, the media landscape has been so polarised and indoctrinated with elements who come to the round-table with nothing credible except to sing the hymnals of their masters. Grace be that the dynamisms of this prognosis is gradually veering into the epoch where these compounded lies and deceits are being unfolded in the walking lights of time.

The time has come for the man in the mirrors of gimmicks and demagogue gymnasium to be observed clearly without capitalising on the bed-folds of our consciousness. Need it be that we employ the radial of the wittiest ink, the era begins with a drama which evolves into realism and paradigm enterprising tactics. Whether we shall be treated without due recourse or be accepted by the hands of the true change lies in the prudent application of timely interventions to that respect. Clean house exercise of the conscience rapport must be a loyalist mechanism applying  from all frontiers to resist these selfishness, chronic individualistic appetite and prolonged diseased single pocket interest which have eaten deeply into the fabric of our political dispensation. 

Written by:
Comrade Nana Arhin Tsiwah
(The Village Thinker)
Village Polemicist/Pan-Africanist/Culture Ideologist
Cape Coast—Ghana.

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