(Happy Earth Day to Miss Anita Boadiwaa Obeng)

A bell sounded from the skies
I felt horripilations of you amongst the stars
Glimpses mixed glitters of years
Fell with dangling shades of months
As the reminder call made your name to be echoed—

It hadn’t been a year meeting you,
nor has the beautiful bird lost it memory
Just yesterday I spoke of you to my pillow
Of what age Odomankoma would have blessed you with
And just before the day cracked her lips
The bird from my hut chirped her tongue of your gossip—

Should we not be intertwined in soul to this path
I would have asked the Creator why He left your desert in me
Whiles letting my thought wander from soothsaying to divination
In April’s eyesight for your missing path~~~

Just maybe I haven’t seen a diamond sparkle without gleaming
Or perhaps you are just a dusted diamond that leaves her rarest to consume:
Consuming each sentimental vowel I ink from my heart~~~

You may not be gold, an angel nor a damsel-saint
You may not be a catholicon to my inner-wailing wounds
But just the contagion in your eyes,
The alluring humane in you:
The punctuated errors in your inner-soul
And the magnitude of your flasked sighs of tales
Makes me want to read every word of your lips with patience
As if around those lines healings cometh~~~

My words would bleed in torrents
My pages shall be bloodied of those secrets
I have confined around my soul of you
Should you not be remembered by this heart—-

On this day of this beautiful twilighting shades of the moon
I ink my blood’s song to you
In celebration of your birthday
Telling the birds to whisper my silent voices of how I feel about you
I pray you blessings of magical moments
And greater prospects as you dazzle your arrow
Through this world of human encounter…..


© Nana Abeiku Arhin Tsiwah
(The Village Thinker)
All copyrights reserved, 2015


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