“Truth like every other wisdom tale has in it hidden treasures that only few can fathom out with discernible hearts”. This quote on countless occasions have revealed to me why most worthy and great personalities in terms of leadership are dire a task of riddle to give an answer of tremendous precision. Over half a decade, our beloved nation, Ghana, has witnessed different shades of wishful youth activism in areas of political, religious, social and entrepreneurial leadership. However, on numerous situations have we as a people seen the pinnacles of truth begotten to our peril as future leaders.

As a student, a writer, ideas leadership coach, Pan-Africanist, a poet of substance, social media utility maximer and a blogger of it class, I have realised with much actualities how this nation of ours can fare if harnessing opportunities are given to young people of our continent to demonstrate their innate potentials. The first president of Ghana and one of the world’s greatest Pan-Africanist, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah once in his meetings with the young cadrés of the Convention Peoples’ Party (CPP) stated: “the future of our people does not lie in the abundant gold and forest we have but in the hands of the young conscious desirous youth”. This quote of the Osagyefo reveals unto us a host of essential fundamentals and weaponry for fighting to the last of the fate of our nation and continent at large.


Having enrolled in this prestigious university— The University of Cape Coast, Ghana and realised the spear of student political activism, I was moved as a campus based student to delve deeper into the ocean in search of harvest for the fish that pleases the heart of a king. After days married weeks given birth to months as seconds turned into minutes and minutes into hours, I was surprised realising how desirous our young people would want to channel their energies into fruitful potential leaderships and leaders for that matter. Upon critical scrutiny into the fibre of the young leaders personality cadrés the university can boast of, I was surprised meeting one humbled and dedicated young man in his outmost uniqueness in the person of, CEPHAS KOFI AKORTOR who formed the “THE CHOICE TEAM” with Gladys Hayford Owusu aspiring for the position of Students Representative Council (SRC) President of the University of Cape Coast, Ghana.


Records from all scrolls of human pestilence have proven without mince of words and diluted calculations that this young man, Cephas Akortor, when given the needed chance and opportunities would lead a student body to safety. As part of his visions and dreams as a young man, records have it beyond substantive significance his already enviable contributions made towards ameliorating humanity from the plights of chronic poverty and goal oriented dreams. What makes a true leader in the words of Mr. James Kwegyir Aggrey “is someone who denies his own interests, desires and strive within all proactive means to better the lives of others”. If one is to judge the host of other aspirants by the words of Mr. Kwegyir Aggrey then Master Akortor is indeed an attestation to that statement.


“A leader without credible vision and fortitude is like a car without head lights and break”, thus, it is prone to all other somersaulting tendencies at the crack of dawn. Vision goes with purpose and these two core values must be guided by the fortress of fortitude— these are simply the best words and ink one can paint as the hidden traits of Cephas Kofi Akortor is concerned. I have over the years tried as best as I can to distant myself, ratiocinations, emotions, and percipiences from all forms of crude cynicisms and polaritive propaganda when it comes to issues of this pedigree. As a result of this, cleansing the oracle of what is right and generally good for all and the future has remained my prime objective, thus, my calling on all discerning minds and souls of the University of Cape Coast to vouch their support and rally behind Cephas Kofi Akortor and his able-bodied team “THE CHOICE TEAM” for the 2015/2016 SRC presidential slot for robust transformational leadership which is built on the interests, whims and caprices of all concerned students of this great institution of ours.

Written by:
Comrade Nana Abeiku Arhin Tsiwah
The University of Cape Coast
Ghana — West Africa


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