I won’t say much
(Me renka no pii)


Me ya amandze
Ntsi medze enguan k)r ahenfie
Nananom ampow me, o’ woan pow me kora
W)dze h)n tsir to k3ntsen ase
Wen, wen, wen adwen w) danka ase
K3pem ber a, amaze ya yi b) me…

-—The Message—-

I won’t say much
For the days are short
I won’t dare my tongue
For the saliva won’t
Dwell in the mouth forever


Odomankoma boo ade
oboo awia, osrane ne nsoromma,
oboo nsuo ne mframa;
oboo nkwa, oboo nipa, na oboo owuo.
Yet His stool became the tool for Kwaku Ananse…

Death and darkness have pounded
The future of my people in a woduro
As the eyes of Akwasi Broni
Sets our teeth into an asanka
Full of well dished excrement


Y3 kra d3 nky3 y3reka da ooo,
nky3 y3re k3da kakra aba
Me kaa d3 ndeda,
y3 kra hom d3 nky3
y3re kapra h3n enyiwa do
Na )ba no d3n, na )ba no d3n
Nna h3n enyiwa ase
Eyiyi mpién p)t))w yi?

In this lonely country, brothers
In this sad nation, sisters
Our tales have died before the sun
And our peoples stomachs,
Have emaciated for it skeletons


H3n dze, nky3 ye yim d3
Egya Koo Baah na ne yer
Amba Adomaa kra d3
W)ro k) dow h)n bankye hon aba,
Nyew woro k3 bram hon ahaban mu aba
Na afe dze, )ba no d3n
)ba no d3n na ato h3n nsu hweo yi?

I won’t say much, brothers
Sisters, I won’t say much
For fear and sadness
Still draws their daggers
For my throat….

——Silenced Eyes——

But if culture should die tomorrow
Ebusuafo, enuanom nna mpayimfo
Moro tow tow asara hom d3 bury me with her
In the same ‘fun daka’
For I won’t say much…

Nana Arhin Tsiwah
(The Village Thinker)
All copyrights reserved, 2015


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