The Revelation


—-The Revelation—-

I see a night coming
With babies already chewing bones
I see a day falling
With men running home from the battlefield
Fear, fear and failure
Have gripped my soul…

Today lies under the blanket of the sun
A dark cloud marries the blanket
Smoke, thick dark smoke
Roars her fury beyond humanity….

I see five-hundred reddened faces
I hear again another eight-hundred trembling voices
Shouting, and muttering words of change
And their feet clustering in the unsettled dust….

Painted in red clay
Burnt on their chests
Bruised on the faces
Shamed on the heads
They blew African horns
And chanted bellicose tunes:
“Tell the man at the top
tell his aides, tell his men
tell his pick-pocketed aerobic clowns
that we come not in peace”….

Smeared in the hearts
Their minds rose to boil
Wise, wiser and wised more
They painted their teeth to the status quo
“Change is coming
Change is coming”
Their voices and dusty feet
Drew knuckles of air in my mind—

The Village Thinker
© All copyrights reserved, 2015


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