Mockery at dawn


—–Mockery at dawn-—-

So the tune played:
“no sweetness here
no sweetness there”
The valley of our souls
Deflated and inflammated

I saw a land,
I saw a people,
I met a soul,
I met a calm river,
Their sands sang dirges
“no sweetness here
no sweetness there”

This was our land
That was our heritage
Dug and fermented
In the eyes of filth
Musterbated and mutilated

Womanhood singing in pity
Their heart of rock
Heartless, the stranger was
Womanhood made to spew
Displayed like a rooten tooth
This stranger was our torment

“He who said we saw good in their coming
Let him stand on the rock
And cast a stone to these termites from our forefathers ”

Our mothers’ virtues
Our maidens’ pride
Our daughters worth
Served before the flies
In the wide open
For the sun to take
His camera of mockery on them
Another composer whistled;
“no sweetness here
no sweetness there”

Sometimes I feel I should question God
Whether we are all his handi-works?
Sometimes I feel I should stand on the hips
Of apartheid and blow loudly this trumpet
“Why, why this ungodliness”…

Tears have stained my eyes
My voice has been enfeebled
I have been moved into tears
Shall I write a threnody
Or just maybe I could write a monody

For indeed, we had
Our men had,
Our women had
Our children have
“no sweetness here
no sweetness there”—-

Is it that you saw black as evil
And entered our minds
Savoring it potencies
As if we were ignorants?
Is it how you paid us
When we severed you dearly
Out of our hearts sympathy?
You made us naked
Shamed on us
Worked our women
Into rags— tatterdemalion

So today,
We keep singing
Of our rough days with you
“no sweetness here
no sweetness there”

The Village Thinker
© All copyrights reserved, 2015

6 thoughts on “Mockery at dawn

    1. Happy reading your inspiring comment @SirJohnCoyote…..
      Finding a publisher to work with to put my works into a book is sapping my passion away…. No help!
      How I wish things would work the way you saying

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