Revolutionary Teeth



We keep hearing and reading via the webs of worried theories and heartfelt fainted idiosyncratic notions that leaders are born. Yes, it holds to be true to some extent and the wheels of limited prudence sets in. Leaders are born assumes only a fragment of the whole ideological proportion— towards  objective overview of this synopsical string. The truth is, no wheel would as a matter of expediency propel without oiling its axles. Thus, a leader assumes full control and mastery of his antidotes to the thinkos in leadership when bred on the impel of nurtures. As leaders and revolutionary stung souls, the worthy cause we can leave for it holistic appraisal is for us to demonstrate our ingenuity to be nurtured and bred constantly as we receive new dynamics to face the millions of overwhelming challenges that we face. “Leaders are not just born: they are bred”. It’s only worth a king’s teeth that we keep this in safe inside our knee caps, “We don’t change a desperate man, we change a desperate mind”.



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