The devil is a she


—The devil is a she—

I stood still like a pregnant ocean
the lust in her painted eyes
stole me onto a voyage
inside the deep of her bulging mind

Her lightly purpled igniting fingers
tickled the lines on my chest into titillation
ionised and drenched in thought
I stole the steeping valley of her hills

Sticking her tongue out
like a cunning viper
she entered the chambers of my mind
and ate out the tenderness of it brain

She devoured my thought
consumed my whole into ashes
turned my charms into sand
the devil surely is a she…

Gripped and caged into eternal torment of lust
seven-hundred million dead demons
enlivend by her single kiss
the devil is indeed a she…

Now as I stand in barneess
shame chases me to sweat
at the speed of a mocking wind
she stole me by dream
and enslaved me by reality
the devil is truly a she….

The Village Thinker
© All copyrights reserved, 2015


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