~ His keys ~


~His Keys~

From it all
There was something left unmentioned
His soul, his mind, his weakness
Unlike others
He was mentally weak
He could feast well with alphabets
He won so many childhood academic merits
He was a price
Those times were great
The era was his flow rate
He was such a gold plate
Lo and behold, there came a breakdown in his academic growth rate
He failed so much to equate
With his changed state

His soul, his mind
So weak
A fear of shame even surpasses his weakness
He rose to zero
No more a hero
He sits now alone in stress
With no rest
Working so hard but never a work he does
In his world, he works
For his soul turned so weak
And his mind has gotten to leak
“Human experience”
That’s his call
He now thinks and writes
All that he has gone through
And all that he gets to envisage
Calling himself a ‘poet with a soul’
And the world has gotten to welcome his call
‘A poet with a soul’

(C) V.Sefah Anokye


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