~ In her world ~

Vincent Sefah Anokye, Poet with a soul, Poetical, Loneliness, #PoetFromGhana, #PoetFromAfrica



~ In Her World~

Alone she lives
In her room she works
Working in hours
Her beauty powers
Fathers and brothers
Hundreds adore her breasts
Thousands she lays to rest
Her clit, a toy for all
In her slit, never an odd
All know its depth
And she puts a lot to death
She hangs around in corners
With whispers and simpers
Surely does she get dogs to honour
That’s what she calls them ‘dogs’
For her nipples are reddened yet they keep sucking it
And in her slit, there comes the given name ‘dogs’
For they lick it so well
As a dog gets to lick a dish
She sleeps, wakes
And prays not
But she sings a lot
Calling herself a ‘goddess’

(C) V.Sefah Anokye

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