~My one fine morning~


~My One Fine Morning~

I wish to die
Permanently will i be no more
My days not like frosts now in the moonlight
Of course, deep on course will i die
A life lived on purpose
And a death earned on a good course
My body keeps draining its glucose
I keep surviving with just few lactose
Doctors keep prolonging my death with more fructose
Death keeps giving me its photos
Today, white coats
Tomorrow, black boats
One fine morning may i die
I would love to see a thousand pictures of people around me
Singing me poetic dirges

“Death Death Death
And its thief
Never ever Never ever
You are good
We lay westside to have our half soul in your book
We never ever can claim what you took”

For my soul to laugh so cool
And my memories to hang around in a so called joyous pool
In a moment so true
My sleeping web should be carved with a poetic tool
The lining of my web should be a poetry wool
In order for me to rest so cool
My fine morning i await for
My voice now so low
Death races to be my so foe

(C) V.Sefah Anokye

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