~First night love song~


~First Night Love Song~

Let us go far, you and i
Let us mesh deep, my skin and yours
To reach out our yearn
Far have we come and love have we earned
Its act must we do
In the room must we go
Go do our thing
For you know them all
And i am singing it so raw
Oh, do not ask “What is it?”
It’s better to take a visit

Let us travel, you and i
For there lies a path for us to marvel
A well targetted level
Never think we shall disturb the universe
For we shall first say a prayer in a known verse
And our swing on, swing in shall we reverse

Surely, there will be time
For our love long to reach its prime
For touching what is soft and hard
There will be joy alas!
Never ever mutter a retreat
For far have we come
So shall we press on earning our yearn

(C) V.Sefah Anokye


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