~~My Today~~


~My Today~

Much have i seen and known
I am part of all that i have met
It being cold, it being warm
Little i see in nature that is mine
I have gained, I have lost
I gave my heart away
Sordid hours!
Yes!- the springtimes needed me
Wintertimes embraced me
My past, my last, is my today
Oft on my chesterfield i lie
In vacant or pensive
I wish to pen a missive
To all damsels i played number two with
‘ Penitent Penitent Penitent’
I thought of it as much happiness
But here is my today
I see no more the rainbow
I sit with my eyes dipped in my sorrow bowl
Big ups to all my pals working on the future
You will surely have more life with nature
Harsh realities fall before me
They keep coming in two’s and three’s
When am i getting a better day?
I have no job so no pay
If i cry out, who gets to hear me?
I resist no more to travel
I will drink
Drink the echoes of my past
And spend my last days in a beer garden
Where my thoughts and memories shall fall asleep
Once i keep drinking more

(C) V.Sefah Anokye


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