~Ballad of my life~


~Ballad Of My Life~

I lost my wife
Took her with a knife
When our first kid was year five
A worry to her life

The police had me
I told them to question the dead
For she has the answers
I am just a living dead
And they can take my life as well

With my statements…
Little One’s eyes grew wet and wild
Sorrow raced through the streets of her heart and mind
Seeing her ceaseless teardrops
I spoke…..

“The world is too much with me
None i see which is mine
Everything is out of tune
And i wish to die at noon
Since your mother made you at night
With another man of my kind”

Little One’s eyes grew no more wild
But there came something bad
Which was bitter than the truth
She said…..

“Daddy..i have always called you
You are never a living dead, I am rather one!
You couldn’t forgive your wife
How can i be your flower
In no time, you will let me wither”

Little One took her life
With the same stained knife
She died in my arms
I got jailed for forty years

Seeing the world again
I am crowded with beggars of both sexes
Followed by two, three or six children
All in rags and importuning every passenger for alms
Surely will i die at noon
Just as i keep spending my left days in the streets

(C) V.Sefah Anokye
(~) #Poetwithasoul

—–Short Bio–—

Poet Vincent Sefah Anokye is a seasoned poet, novelist who doubles as an Engineer and a graduate of the prestigious Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi-Ghana where he is based. One stricking thing about this poet is his indelibility to paint deeply situations and realities of life with lucid words worth the emotions that sparkles with it.
Most of his works are on facebook at his wall Vincent Sefah Anokye.


14 thoughts on “~Ballad of my life~

  1. My God, this is marvellous… a wonderful piece of poetry. Someone who has the link should please hook this guy up. My brother keep it up and God bless you.

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