-—’love like death’—-


It doesn’t matter how much
bond of chemistry which holds us,
It doesn’t matter how rigid
our unison blossom out,
love like ours shall still be that of

Love enshrined by verbosity of abuses:
lies engrained in lust, sex and immortality!
love like ours oozes without ceasing
leaking without endless repositories.

It doesn’t matter how far
the sky shall blow us to float:
it doesn’t matter how organic
we attribute our hearts to
love like us shall always be like

They see us like beautiful birds on the street,
so innocent on the outside:
the world wishes to sing our chorus—
chorus for angels like us—
but how sad we are tamed hypocrites.

It doesn’t matter how beautiful the sun
shall stare on us her glowing smiles,
it doesn’t matter how glorious lessons
the lilies of the waters shall show unto us,
love like ours shall always be like

We never were made for each other
but our surging thrust love has made us
like the pools which whirls in anti-dynamics…
we never are divinely stitched!

The Village Thinker
© All copyrights reserved, 2015


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