1. Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia
#This poetess known as #MomC is the ‘rare’ definition of poetry. Her unique ability to infuse deeper sentiments into calculated choice of words and expressions make her a polished gold of ink. She paints evoking memories of words into the shoal of the mind of the readership. I love her and her distinctive aromatic ink pours. She became my muse and she knew it. She is far older than I am lest like errrrmmm—- married her brains-—ssssshhhh hold up your words…. Hahahahahahaha—-
But on a more steelhead take, she is a minute writer whose ink is sealed to the hummings of the clock. She writes like she wishes to die soon… her blog is my evidence.  Hahahahahahaha —- I love you #myMusingMomC..

2. Temilola Erah Olalusi
#This poetess has arguably been defined by her many readers as a “burning star” who blazes the trails of the planets (people) around her. Interestingly, she has so many children than her womb naturally can bear. Her writings are as charming as her beautiful soul. She surely does know how to forge deeper golden letters into the hearts of her readers. I love her encouraging spirit and her endless capturing ink pours to the minds of her readership. I love your beautiful soul my dear #MomErah of the seas of the heavens. Her facebook wall would attest to that.

3. Acquah Vicki
#If one poetess can be painted within the horoscopes of my dreams without blemish, then #MamaOladeji becomes the first ink to be reverenced. Her writings are as powerful as the breast milk of Shee’ba. Her strong representation of everything African is worth more than the prize of noble. Believe me, she is an attestation of a substantial woman whose writings wouldn’t fade like altostratus. She bears more grandchildren like the earth and am proud to be her ‘shared’ grandson. I love you my dear #QueenmotherVicki. Visit her facebook wall to sip more..

4. Oppong Hillary Eunice
#When I say this is a goddess-like poetess believe me— for I am a traditionalist who baths in the mind of one. Her profoundness and inking prowess is one of enviable horse chase. She deep-cuts the chest, slash through the heart and ink indelible imprints of seasoned words into the core of the heart. She writes like she is a reincarnated some sort of ‘old-lady’….. Hahahahahahaha….. Sometimes I feel like entering her brains and have it eaten out. Maybe sometime soonest I would reconsider my contumacious plan Q on #MomC on her…..hehehehehehe… like her father would slash open my throat like a sweating toad. Yet she is my #virgo….. I love your passion and spirit. Her facebook page sparkles a lot.

5. Bilobi Jentina Delphina
#Known in poetry circle as “Asaase Yaa”. This poetess has duly paid her inking prodigy to become the true eyes of the great earth goddess. This poetess has the charms that would sweep easily ones feet to the rhythms of the singing bird that fought and won the battle of  yesterday and still of the night’s war. She amply blends the tongues of the old piously along with that of the young. I love her idiosyncratic philosophical position on true Ghanaian and African poetry. #AsaaseYaa, I love your spirit and the sage it comes with. Her facebook wall is her home…

6. Theresa Oguche Glitts
#Theresa is one poetess any reader should try getting her tongue to lick. She has good taste and brewing pen of poetry. The one enchanting thing about this poetess is that she can ripple the calm heart of a reader whilst calming the rippling heart of a troubled soul. A Nigerian who embodies the light of a generation of adorable female writers to champion the image of our beloved continent. My admiration for you is beyond measure. Her facebook page glitters…

7. Iam Akosua Vibrant Poetry
#She has won the hearts of men, captivated the souls of elders and sat in her throne as the only Queen amongst the thousand male tongues of the village. Her poems evoke deep thoughts and sends huge rekindle of what ought to be said at the right time. Her passion for the woes of society coupled with her burning heart for the right makes her writings acclaim the loyalty of her folks. Her writings strike the cords of the hearts and blazes trails into the marrows. She is indeed what she says she is. Her facebook world is the magic…..

8. Abisinuola La Luce Jewel
#My year would have been so much uncolourful without this beautiful poetess. She inks her soul and heart to pull the strings of the readership. Read her works and be enslaved into her poetic spell. Great poetess! The future is bright with you. Her wonderful world is her facebook page…

There are other equally good poetess who could have made into this list, however, the colourful binding powers of these beautiful poetess worked the magic on me more in the year than the I anticipated. One thing I observed keenly with my two telescopic eyes all along the year was that whilst their writings became more and more beautiful, their hearts and integuments also gained the sparkles of the first virtuous star.
I know just as your poems and love made meaningful contributions into my life, the same could be said by the numerous people out there. It is my humble prayer that God(Twedeampon) continues to fill to the brim your wisdom cups with enduring wisdom, knowledge, good health and strength to persistently enliven the spirits of your readers and become like Mida with your touching words. I love you ladies and mothers for your good works. I appreciate your friendships and pray you live longer to tell the unborn generation what you were able to do to this generation with your contagious words and writing prowess. 

Hotep and love!



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