(Of an African goddess)

Soul glowing beauty
charms of the ripples of the ocean
your angular contours
pictographing fictitious hypothesis in mind
O’ soul memory waking goddess

I have cast pearls from my heart
sent for pebbles of royalty from the palace
for your burning beauty
but the spirits of my fathers feared
for with your staggering beauty
even immortals wouldn’t be flawless forever

I, a mortal born of a woman
under the warmth of a nineth month
sits under this calm tree of waving leaves
hearing the singing bird chapters your adoration
O’ wundersam goddess

The sun smiles with your dimples in beam
your radiant black integument
has slowly taken hold of my entirety
I have gone missing paths
and trails of my father’s hunting expedition

What is it that you were formed out of?
each night with the rise of the moon
the talks of owls and crickets
worships that redolence you left behind my heart

Reminiscent of golden memories
resonant of my past and future
I have come to believe in your beautiful definition for black
and o’ for sure black is not mere definition
for your unalloyed beauty
sends tremors of an unknown feeling
deep down my sinking heart

The Village Thinker © 2014


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