—–“A sublime prayer”—–


—-“A sublime prayer”—-
(Thankful, a wish and a dream)

Thank you God for this day
for how far you’ve walked
with me through thick and thin
in bad and good days
through the tunnel to this point of the year

Thank you Lord for blessing my life
with souls and people so adorable
thank you for kissing my life’s eyes
with wonderful personalities
who the while in the storms
have stood firmly behind me
held me deep into anchorage
till this time of the year

I am grateful dear ones
am honoured sharing this day with you
You have been so much of blessings
blessings that beats the calculus of the mind and brains
I am so glad I have you dear ones
for always reading, sharing, liking and commenting
on every post that I ink from the core of my soul
I say, am humbled

But as this day goes butterflying
sending her redolence away in tocuh like Midas
I pray your house abound with much blessings
mesmerizing moments of joy, good health, grace and mercies

—-I love you
—-You are because
   —I am
God be with us—–

Poetically yours,
Ghana-West Africa.

errrmmmm and for my wish
or call it a dream—-
#aLAPTOP would surely do for me
#aLAPTOP on my mind
#Benevolentcalls—- hehehehehehe
if wishes were horses— still God is alive!

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