—“Speak I of Okit’Asombo”—


—“Speak I of Okit’Asombo”—
(In Memory of Patrice Lumumba)

Tetela made you stronger than iron
The traits written on your sweat
made you highly flammable for the extinguishers
of the poaching waters

Heir of the cursed yet a crystal of blessings
The shackles of prison never melted your passion
So in the whirls of the wind,
you rose to the podium and graced seasons 

While the ‘he’ in Kasavubu crumpled into cowardice of ‘womanhood’
In the face of the oppressors,
you willed your voice out
Burning their emotions like coal in a pot

Though so short-breath life gave you
Though never wielding most part of your African powers
Though stampeded many times in the struggle
Yet, you son of true Africa
left history crying more of you

Ye O’ Patrice Lumumba
Heart-filled soul of freedom
From the eyes of history from this continent preach I of you
As Congo’s 1960 independence
dreams of you more in nights of our African dreams

The Village Thinker © 2014


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