–“Letter from the unseen world”–


–“Letter from the unseen world”–
      (Whispers of my ancestors)

Here is the voice of the unseen world
Moving up and down in a valley – like manner
The new streams of yesterday
Pouring down messages with tongues of tongues for mortality

This is the letter from immortals of the  underworld to the mortals of ” Asaase Efua”
Swinging on tails of realities are the words for the new breed of people
A letter soaked with a dual motive
An encouragement…
A sign of warning

Breaking the silence of the ancestry
Comes the magmatic potion of the voice of yesterday
The new sanctuary
A mystery
New people and new channel of interaction

The attendants of the gods
Message delivers
Reading the writings of the half boiled yam from the chambers of the unseen world for the new Africa
Implying, our best so far is not enough

Yea, there comes a voice far from the wilderness
Crying each day and then
The Nkrumahs’ of our lost world
Just to locate someone
A people
Who may have the eyes of those of yesterday
The ears to hear and hear better and not sounds
People who are doers and movers and not those so soft like a wool
Blown by wind everyday and then

This is our voice and our plea
To the ink users
Just to sprinkle the truth with their blood inked weapons
To bring us to our state of self independence
Just to relief us from this quantum of emotional traumatization

……*Yours faithfully*…
Ancestors of yesterday

Copyrights reserved
© 2014 Kwabena Ntrakwa Ofori (Societal poet)

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