—-“Come nigh”—-


—-“Come nigh”—-
(For my half-soul: Agyei Sarpong Kumankoma)

Come o’ my silent self
come nigh and let’s sing
come let’s whisper unto the 800 spirits
for the ghost of our grandfather
holds in his hand a calabash of old

Come whisperer of sage
come back with your staff
come o’ half soul of me Sarpong
for within the trails of this life
and upon this muted dune
I bite kola alone in lonesomeness
sip palm wine with no foam
for when I pray, the 77 gods
of the southern shrine responses not

Agyei Sarpong 
my half-soul Kumankoma
please come nigh
for your absence
has sheltered my heart
the stool on which you sit
consoles no soul in the palace
come nigh Agyei
come again my soul
for without your golden witty tongue
the village glows bleaker

The Village Thinker © 2014


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