Look back and count the fallen trials behind, fish the big rivers and the sea together— with an empty basket ask the fish-mongers to buy at no cost. That Is fruitlessly fulfilling for any economically defining nation or individual. So while we plunder away in the shadow as a people, we also stream inside the tunnel to the no light at the far end. The thought of independence struggles and the thinking that all shall change for the better regardless of how grave the cost might be was  pleasurably one tool we held on with our all. So glad the voices echoed during the declaration and paraded tunes from the hoisting of the new flag (the Ghana national flag) amidst the anthem’s melodies. So the hopeful black star (Kwame Nkrumah)  stood eyes glistening with his tongue on roll, “our independence is meaningless unless it is linked with the total liberation of all African states”— then freedom cheers sent her applause through the silent atmosphere.


I heard the terms remained that of a fertile woman’s matrix with so much promising grace from the star which distinguished her flawless sparkles. Developmental agenda which sprouted from the socialist cum nkrumahist vis-á-vis marxist ideological precepts. Industrial revolution coupled with the speedy infrastructural initiative took her massage on the body of this woman of a country called Ghana whilst contempraneously restoring hope in a people for a unified continent. Such idea seemed laudable to the eyes of every progressivist. But what of the retrogressivists? That was how we forgot to duly unite our own spiraling forces into one cosmopolitan unit. The doom called the freedom to a halt. Coup de’tat walked on our hosted efforts and dwarfed her yielding potencies, thus crumpling the adorned sheets inside its palms.
Right from that evening saw our dark days fulfilling her loyal prophecies on the bestowed fate on generations born and unborn.


Presidents come and go; Governments after governments, parties after parties, elections after elections and we are still struggling to finding feet when others are already running ahead. Recent comments from Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe about Ghana still being as poor as it used to be in the 1960s. His comment comes in the wake about why Ghana is still at where she is. “I have been to Ghana 1958 to 1960 and when you look at them now and compare their present situation to that [which] existed in the 1960s, no change.“There might be more people. Yes. There may be one road from the airport, which has been well done so that people who visit the country think everything is ok,” he said. Though partly I would agree and disagree with Mr. Mugabe on his view about Ghana still being poor on the nexus of the proverbial statement which says, ” it would amount to ridicule for the kettle to tell the pot that it is black.”  First, Mr. Mugabe’s Zimbabwe is one of the ten poorest countries in Africa per forbes rating. Hunger keeps her mockery at the faces of the citizens of Mr. Mugabe’s “proud Zimbabwe”. It is so poor a country that it  has the lowest life expectancy of both male and female sexes. Again, Mr. Mugabe and his Zimbabwe is the country with the most prevalent rate of HIV/AIDS along the shores of Africa. These two basic pathetic state of affairs doesn’t qualify him to make any unmarked comments about a country that is making conscious efforts at attaining the visions of the Millennium Development Goals.

However, having disagreed with Mr. Mugabe on his comments marked against Ghana, it is also right to agree with him on his assertion. In fact, for Ghana being the first of Sub-saharan to gain independence in 1957, it must be a disgrace to witnessing this state of developmental affairs. Whilst her compatriots like Malaysia and Singapore are enjoying high economic progress to the benefits of her people, she on the other hand is struggling to free herself from torments of the chains of abysmal developmental aspirations. Take a look around this nation, walk through the archives of developmental history and you would be disappointed at how we have fared poorly in trying to sustain what our first President Kwame Nkrumah left for us. All efforts made by past and present governments are quite a mirror’s mirage in an empty vacuum. To think that there are critical measures made at  ensuring even development between the north and the South is far-fetched. The northern part of this country keeps her glorious celebration in the cave of lack of infectious development, whilst her counterpart the southern sector keeps a slow disparity of development amongst her wrinkling communities. Such is a shame when you can’t feed your wards and decide to feed someone else’s, and this is what Ghana has become.


As expected, the bay lays bleating and the keeper keeps haunting you in the deepest convocative chronicles. We have become more of a country that is so desirous and ambitious. Yes so desirous and ambitious in the collateral of loans and grants from donor countries and institutions. We go begging and pleading from the masters’ table promising to give them in return our land’s bounty “greens and yellows”. With so much unscrupulous intentions, our own leaders have become feckless connivers who come in as angels and within some few years sting us like angry bees in search for nectar. Such a nation when chronic parochial selfish interest has become a bane for band-wagon takes. As a young fellow of this country and continent, I am yet to find a leader with a mind and heart so discerning in today’s world where Africa is dwarfed by world dictatorial tendencies who would stick to the guns of consensus efforts towards diversifying our economic policies to include pragmatic developmental initiatives which would be geared towards sustaining the will of the people ,and accelerating the transformation of the well-being of the ordinanry citizenry. But until this fantasy begets reality, I would keep my sarcastical hallucinations along the wheels of Mr. Mugabe’s ironical unfeteched comments.

Written by:
Comrade Nana Arhin Tsiwah
Cape Coast—Ghana.


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