—-“10000 tongues”—–


(Homage to my ancestors)

I have seen a land
far far away from mortals
a land so imbued with wisdom
a land where nature exist
and men value the worth of calabash
a land far beyond my very shadow
where libation still dreams
of her loyalty to this land

Night giggles
and the moon sings
she dances before sage
of old and grey filled
nature so abound in her glow
and around the fire
men with their lowered clothes
and some tied around their waists
chat amidst songs of heroism
like hopes from an incumbent war songs

1000 Ancestors
10000 proverbial tongues
squeezing the eyes of time
cuddling the cheeks of fate
their bear chests humming ancestral hopes
of peace that lies inside the calm hearts
of beautiful adorable goddesses

Time has blown away nature
she has gone craze and chanted shame
pride that fell before whispers of kings
and of greatness which no longer adorns
by the fire side sat none
as the village square looks emptied
time is surely a survivor of nothing worthwhile
take her counts and behold
a new land of barreness wails

I have seen folks trod
and I ask tempting questions
that seeks my head on tray
but soon it shall be defined
the road the 1000 ancestors trod
shall come singing hymns
before my two eyes under this hut
of wisdom and sage
milked in the eyes of old
Then I shall pray notions of conscience
on your laps O’ my forebearers
to film me with your clapping tongues

The Village Thinker © 2014


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