—“To the 7th goddess”—

    —-Don’t know how—-
       (To the 7th goddess)


I don’t know how its all started
and I can’t tell its revelation theory
I have sat within my head
searched her purple land
asked her this singing question
requested her wheeling heart
when I fell in love with you
and how its happened
lost with answers
am still driven to shocks—–

Did I ever conceive your redolence?
did I ever read from my leaking dreams
of ever meeting someone special like you?
No, not even the priest soothed its tale

I have always thought of as hopeless
dramatically coined my mind into insensitivity
creamed my own emotions as a fool without a soul
thought my tongue to swallow it own saliva
so how did I fell into your ditch
and got myself into this web of yours?

I don’t know how this feeling grew
how she germinated from an almost dehydrated seed
into a fibrous ever glowing one
I still find words so not immaculate to describe
the how, and when?

—–I am muted by your charms
    —–graces by your love
      ——-bewitched by your beautiful soul—-

with this soul
and time
as a flyer
I smile with a tickle
of your name in mind
I feel that at last
heaven is reality
and not just mystery

—–hope that fills the earth
smiles that emboldens the heart
charms that enlivens the spirit
beauty that glistens the sun
and of a soul that seals vows
pure and immaculate
white and crystal
so soft like dew

—–so in you
my prayer is whistled
hear me with your heart
for I still don’t know how
I fell into your calm love waters.

The Village Thinker © 2014


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