“This Journey”—–


—Nana Tsiwah sings:

Last night,
I walked with you in my dream.
I sat at your feet, singing:
“Africa! Africa!! Africa!!!”
As you poetically rolled your tongue,
I saw Olódùmarè staring at your lips;
nodding to hope emanating
from the core of your Àyànmô.

—Zogie Iyeomoan prays:

We tie and dye our minds
with black-golden pigments
fetched from fertile forests
under the succulent breasts of mama Africa….

from the Niger to the Nile,
we set sail canoes of yester memories
glittering like blood diamonds.

Our paddles sing of fishes, of riches,
under the swollen udders of mama Africa.

(c) Zogie Iyeomoan & Nana Tsiwah


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