—“Poet of my heart”—


(To Iyeomoan Emmanuel Ehizogie, my Nigerian poet-brother)

I sing of you
as I stand under the mahogany
the perching of the ravens
the new broken shell of a country
the loyalty of your soul
keeps the dew alive on the cactus

if mighty wondered about in thought
slammed the doors of their inks
beneath the mushroom mounds
got their hearts fleeted
you, my brother walked in the dust
and read the cries of Biafra
still with your ink
you’ve told humanity to be humane

I observed from the broken pot of the shrine
the sounds of your footsteps
the cockling sounds of your heart beats
still with a stare in your pupil
I have seen a poet who goes beyond
the measure of tongues
who stretches beyond the loyalty of royalty

Last night
I walked with you in my dream
I sat at your feet singing
“Africa! Africa!! Africa!!!”
as you poetically rolled your tongue
and I saw Olódùmarè staring at your lips
nodding to to the hope that was emanating
from the core of your Àyànmô

Poet of my heart
poet of my soul
your passion and heart are friday born twins
and your soul
a lamp to the dark path
under the thick thicket forest
roll, sail, and keep writing with me
as I journey on this path with you
through and through across
this land of evil and good

Here on this land of my birth
I send you the fortification of the 77 gods
that sit behind my hut
to comfort your soul
and enliven your spirit
for the journey ahead

Let poetry sing your name
let Africa sing your words
for I chase the winds
to bring you the hope
that someday, sometime soon to come
the broken wings of the ravens
shall heal its wounds
to perch and soar again

The Village Thinker © 2014


2 thoughts on “—“Poet of my heart”—

  1. This is a well-written praise-poem; i love the imageries you painted with your words and how you crafted your lines of lofty acclamation. i truly admire this same poet you wrote about; he is my most favorite Nigerian young poet.

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