—“A castrated demon”—


One day I shall become like Eve
scratching my head before you, my Adam
I don’t need anymore magic to spell-bound you
for with this same fruit
I shall torment your soul from the laws

On such beautiful nights
when knights and Camelot gets tortured
I shall come in again
like a broken spell from the pot
I shall feed your heart and soul with this same fruit
then I know your eyes may be blinded from the last law

If loyalty is golden and trust is worthy
then I don’t deserve any of this from you, mortals
for as the sun falls this night before Berlin
I shall break through your walls
cast the lures of the cold war on you
I shall spilt your heart into two
like the lips of NATO and Warsaw

One day, when all of a sudden you die
I shall cover my nakedness
run barefoot on my dried soles
to your funeral grounds
there I shall declare and unveil your deceits
to the speakers that stood mute for all these 100 years
and your shame, I shall cast like cowries
on the open sand dune

Castrated and forced to leave this beautiful body
tamed and made homeless of my own sweat
chained and beaten like a thief who never stole a penny
but on this same night of ugly rainfall
I shall feed your nostrils like Hiroshima and Nagasaki
until death and life–
heaven and earth–
come to me to settle their long held acrimonies

The Village Thinker © 2014


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