Your memories bring me to earth
Silent smiles of a rock
The mound you dug
Is now mute and unmoved

Calmly I have whistled my all
My saliva looks dry
The cry of the baby stains my soul
“You were beautiful”, thus said the spoon

Moments have died out
Your wings no longer look bright
I am short of breath
But who would feed my nostrils with oxygen
Now that you are gone?

The happy soul is now sad
The leaves no longer bow
The fallen age of time has become infertile
Please come back again
O’ half of my soul—

I know you are dead
I feel your whispers in the air
Your graveyard I lie
Looking to see your smoke to appear

Come back, come near
For your silence burdens my neck
And your streaking thoughts
Scares the real me—
Come, O’ soul of me

The Village Thinker © 2014



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