I am the voice of the shadows of Nkrumah
I sing of a new song
I sing of a song which breaches the norms of symphony
I sing of a song which ruptures the ethics of lyrics
I sing of a song which speaks in thousands of volume
A song which personifies a nation
A song which edifies a people
A song which embodies a continent
A song which swallowed up the crude elements of colonisation
A song which lingers in the liver of independence

He stood firmly in his terms
Stage craft still braced to his chest
An old belly of Nkroful beget him
At the spring of Gold Coast in 1909
Like the Messiah,
Not even the whistles of the birds told of his coming

Born Francis Kofi Nwia Ngonloma
His destiny however, was chained to the keys of freedom
At a new name which he held on to the power of change
Kwame Nkrumah just like Paul of Saul

His heart was sewn on the desire for change
A patron’s change and not mere change
A change to fulfill a call of Africas’ salvation
From the hands of colonialism and imperialism
At dawn, his heart beat could be heard loud in no mortal hearing
His blood boiled for tenacious change
Kofi and also a Kwame?
But how strange people didn’t realise the mystique surrounding him

Kwame Nkrumah,
Kwame Nkrumah,
The lone star from Gold Coast stretching into Ghana
That black star standing rooted in the freedom of Africa
A man with a lion’s heart
A man who kneweth no oppressors rule
A man born of the light,’ and might for a better course only fate could tell

Let me keep my rhythms in his pipeline
Stake wishes of him to his zeal
Apply loyal methodic to his philosophies
Adhere to the lines of his visions
Let me stay glued to his aspirations
I sing of Nkrumah
I sing of you O’ Nkrumah

The voice of a toddler singing in the forest
Sing of you
O’ Nkrumah

To the elements of colonialism he was a toddler
The elders of his days deemed him a token ink
Taunted him when his visions contradicted theirs
He saw a light way ahead of him that only ‘few’ could see
He saw a nation standing on the shoulders of freedom and independence
He saw a people being unified according to the pigmentation of their skin colour

He grew fierce like a naked fire in the desert
Blazed his own ideals and ideologies
Two years after his dilemma was yoked out of him
He formed his own ideological grouping
He passed through the eyes of torture
His visions were staged to it collapse
Yet his intrepidity shoved over the wink shadowing his beliefs

He was like the eagle in full flight: supersonic -speed
Leading government business under the pool of self-government
He led the orchestra of freedom fighting
He kept fighting and fighting and fighting and fighting
Until there was nothing more of a danger to fight
He led a people of unequal thoughts to gain independence

On 6th March, 1957
A new nation Ghana was born out of him
Independence which was not gained on silver platter
Independence which sapped away his passion in no shame
Making him become the first Prime Minister
And President of a newly independent nation sub of the Saharan in 1960

He brought on himself glory that restored
hope in millions
He placed himself as a symbol of hope for others
His voice was heard like a shepherd calling out for his missing sheep
He made a small nation to become
A beacon of hope for other nations

Kwame Nkrumah of blessed memory,
O’ Kwame Nkrumah of blessed memory,
Kwame Nkrumah of history repeating itself,
Kwame Nkrumah of true patriotism, 
Kwame Nkrumah of true nationalism,
I sing of you today,
I sing of you today…

Let me continue singing
Let time not sweep my vocal cord of it angelic prowess
Let not my tongue leave me at the suburb of this compose
Let the stars up and in above lead me to the brighter side of craftiness
Help me sing,
O’ Heavens help me to sing
Help me sing of the great man who made our dark path bright
Let me sing of Nkrumah
Let me sing of the man who shall taste the eminence of generations to generations
O’ Kwame Nkrumah
I sing of you today

a village thinker
Walking silently in the forest of ‘Oduma’
Producing thoughts of you under the big ‘oyina’
Sing with the voice of the gods to your name

Nkrumah spoke like a soothsayer
His speeches crept into the heart of his enemies like a sharp axe
Slaying their bitterness into shreds
His charm and charisma were something even gods desired
His organizational ability, it was like the contagion of the ‘harmattan’
An infectious wind blowing through the nasals of the nose
His visions were contagion
His personality, a striking thunder
His inspiration, a powerful lightning
His ideals, a rare potency to ever step on the face of ‘Asase Efua’
He was a gem in a million
A human in true rainbow colours

1966 was his bleakest day
His enemies combed him to his unaware fate
A putsch on gun lips smoked him
His visions were cast into the shadows
His aspirations obfuscated in the face of his enemies
Evil boiling high in the minds of men
At the deep of the heart lies their evil cradle
To topple and stifle his enviable efforts
But a man of true legacies;
is like a fountain of monumental fate
And, not even the storms of time can drain them into nothingness

I sing of you today
I sing of Nkrumah
I sing of a ‘man’ and not just mere ‘man’
I sing of a man whose life is written in golden letters at the heart of history,
I sing of the Osagyefo
I sing of Kwame Nkrumah
I sing from a well of seasoned historical archives
Of the finest wisdom brewed from palm wine, and ‘pito’
To a man who set himself as a standard for Africa’s light
I sing of these words that
“Our independence is meaningless, unless it is linked with the total liberation of all African states”

Freedom, was his name
Freedom, is his name
Freedom, shall forever be his name
Independence, Independence of a people shall be his name
And from hence I sing from the echoing entomb of his words that
“The African must be capable to manage his own affairs”
He must be free from all forms of racial and neo-colonial tendencies
I sing of Nkrumah unto a mission of Pan-Africanism consciousness

A village thinker
Still standing under the village shadows of the big ‘oyina’
Singing of you O’ Nkrumah
O’ beloved son of the land
Nkrumah, I sing of you today
I sing of you with my palm wine in my hands in a powerful calabash
Standing at the ‘ekuratia’ singing of you

Let the spirits receive your love
Let the ancestors hear my voice
Report my song, report my stories to you today
I sing of you Nkrumah
Nkrumah of beloved memory,
Kwame Nkrumah of blessed memory,
Kwame Nkumah of Ghana,
Nkrumah the black star of Africa
I sing of you on the coast of this silent sea lying at bay at Ogua

I sing of you today
I sing of you Nkrumah
O’ great man who lived for our yesterday, today and tomorrow
I sing of you,
I sing of you
that our ancestors
shall whisper our silent voices to you
across this lonely hills of my dreams
I sing of you…
I sing of you…

The Village Thinker © 2014
All copyrights reserved
Nana Arhin Tsiwah


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