When am wounded


I have been with my past
lived within the trains of my soul
I have run beyond blood
cured lures of love
shot myself beneath magma
and in all my debris picking
I have risen obeying captivity
sleeping admiring sacrifices of deer
But in all, I wipe the lizard’s scales
sleep the spider’s cobwebs in dreams
I hover and soldier on for eternity
for beyond lies lie lies
and beyond truth lie truth

Within crystal restoration
and sideline circuit deterioration
the mangled subliminal of ghosts
I love to laugh and share moment with
But beneath grave adornment
lingers shades of a better betrayal
where the bee buzzes on nectar
with honey dripping along throat length
nine months wonder
three billion earth surrender
and all I’ve got to share
is the beautiful moment
of my glorious days in the a mother’s womb

But when am wounded
I bleat to the soul of souls
I seek for humanity in glows
Flowers leaped and sealed
the dreams of a servant
nov matter how achieveable they are
are more bleaker to his master
I whisper to my past
and listen to the future
for I know in love ny wounds shall heal
and in joy my soul shall gain strength
like the bells of a morning bird
they are the tunes of heavenly composed symphonies
reaching beyond memories of hearts and souls

The Village Thinker © 2014


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