On limbs of a butterfly
I shall sing halleluyah
Chants chemical chemistry
Of wisdom of the old
For the golden old oak
Behind the spiritual walls.

Strange night appeals of cold weather
Tales of aftermath birthed in oracles
I paint the eyes of the priest
Sound the horn of the great elephant
Tomorrow shall be another day for libation
And call for reunion of the past.

On limbs of a butterfly
I shall fly above the greying skies
Plead with the goddess of fertility
To let this barren land regain her fertility
From the long silence of the ugly harmattan.

I need to revisit the shrine
Call the future a stardom pose for Africa
And where we would bear witnesses
Of the fate of our people
The struggles of our generation
And the might of generations unborn
To kiss this sweat bile of pain
Heaped into the core of our bones…

Africa must sing aloud from the wells of history
Be revived by the treasures of mystery
Africa must revisit her silent butterfly
To give her a befitting soothing song of appease.

The Village Thinker © 2014


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