As I lay down in this tentacles
with many tentative moments eluding me
my voice left to crawl on fire tongues
my heart left to be paunched beneath waters
I have oceans of pains that dries not
I sip waters of agonizes that never dwindles
Time lift me to question walls of walls
and Jerricho bulging out of the canon
the fisherman unmasked by his woes
the worst of words unmarked by its blames
I am sitting on tenterhooks!

After I was exorcised of this demon
the fig tree inside my barren land burnt down
the shock of the world ending in a minute sound
my lower abdomen sings of shark discontinuity
how much is life worth if pain would be my spouse?
how glad is safety if comfort would escape me by the liver?
how precious is the heart if it can only be content with breaks that never mends?
let my demons cast it wake of spell on the ice
melt away the troubles wrecking my mind
and let tormenting pictures sideline my potencies
for nothing great and measurable lives beneath hell-abiom!

And my demons, to you my omen-half
and my misery, to you my worst-half
and my evil, to you my ugly-half
sing me that song of sorrow you keep composing
whisper to my that silent voices of pains you keep saying—
And to the heavens, and of heavens-heaven
my soul desires your cleansing
of purification made on sabbatical cloaks
as the abyss of death cites the love of life in his text—
And to the Cathedral, of my baptism waters
let the Father pour no more ashes and sand on my grave
as an incensing moment to plead with Peter to open the gate of heaven—
God, Jesus, Holy Spirit—Trinity is all I have known
gods, ancestors, mother earth— Libation is all I have known
and to my darkening moment
spare my of this deliverance
for the demon in me, is the light in you (my other half)
who thinks he is purer than the linen of Christ.

The Village Thinker © 2014

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