Were I a hypocrite


Were I a hypocrite,
with many greens of me
suspended in sleeves of sheets,
with a sting of me lacking patriotism,
and I crucify and curse my ancestors,
would fate ever leave me at crossroads?

Were I a hypocrite,
sitting on dreams of selfishness
where I look at all these plights,
eating the worth in the palms of my people,
and I still delve my words in cursing,
the very roots which holds my umbilical cord,
then am I worth a calabash for libation?

Trials of the old,
curled under the pin of skin-pain,
chipped from the realms of ignorance,
with tantrums of our eve drenched in crime,
and I remain plainly under curtain shades,
of pool whirling to irresponsibility,
and I still keep my words under the saliva,
of curses and lashing on my ancestors,
then I remain a blinded flag hanging on a pole of colonialism.

Where did he go wrong,
Where did she go wrong,
Where did they go wrong,
Where did history go wrong,
Where did our values go wrong,
Where did our culture go wrong,
That you, you, he, she, they and I,
work tirelessly over our confines to curse our whole?

Were I a hypocrite,
with steep streets of me,
abandoned in the gutters of not maintaining legacies,
that I pray each day out of plentitude curses,
to taint pure blood sacrificed on the altar
of a nation and people, 
then am I worth a candle’s eye?
shame is my portion–
simply, shame and shaded beyond ingratitude.

The Village Thinker © 2014

2 thoughts on “Were I a hypocrite

  1. Wow!Nana…infact,you are a real genius…!!i hope to hear more from this wondrous piece of artistic poetry of you..,as you’ll soon also be receiving numerous accolades…!thumbs up!

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