The truth I never felt


Here he comes today too
in that linen soft robes
with his curls so blackened
and eyebrows thickened
like a lamb for a holy sacrifice.

he told me of a ‘man’
he claims has solutions to all these myriad
predicaments of humanity.

One thing sets him high
on the acme of admiration
that his black neatly book
he calls ‘Bible’
is the chiefly charm.

His unadulterated blend of words
from a truly wisdom filled heart
says more of his uniqueness
the flames of love in his eyes
has endeared me to his likeness.

A rumour last night told of him
he was not the man I thought he was
he laid in his blood pool in the room
with a written paper on his folded palms
it reads, “I have been suffering from cancer for twenty years”…

It was sad, very poignant scene
such a young admirable soul
with his missionary cloak still on
he hid behind this beam on his checks
to warm our minds of how great love is.

The Village Thinker © 2014

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