Death calls me


I hear their rumbling,
the heart is growing leaner
tiny trenches of life leaving me
I see the world sinking in me
heavy lids of eyes unraised
blowing blowing far near
I intend not to hear this voice

Psychotic imbalances of thick smoke
leaning around the pivot of me
a life lived is a life shared
but not when all doses of you is green
am married to the discotheque
the hard liquor my goodness
an admiration beyond obedience

I am the bane of dane
slime potion of lures teasing me from teaspoon
am hardened, an incorrigible me
with trains of passion led in the dark hours
time wasted, time wasted
My young life is flying away
and I wish I have more life to make amends
As the doctor declared,
“am sorry Kwame you have only a day to live”
And o’ yes, the shivers run down my spine

I have wasted precious I had
I have blown this love I had
I have thrown to the gutters this fate
A young fate of promises all gone to the drains
The HIV/AIDS I kept protecting myself from
has finally laid me boldly to life’s end
I see the graves nearing this night
with whispers of the advices not heeded to knocking me
Young and healing for happy
young and all was a bliss
but now all is in cold melt
I am finished,
perhaps, I should give my remaining minutes of life
to the hands of the noble friend of saving shame— suicide!
For death’s call is near…

The Village Thinker © 2014


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