don’t think higher than yourself,
seek not megabytes of hopes,
but in each day,
and in each thrills,
please don’t forget
who you really are.

am a village boy,
from the village womb came I
and from the same dust
moulded my soul,
and I haven’t forgotten that is my root
and that I am a village loyalist. 

I don’t intend to demean you,
not to talk of your awe-inspiring abilities,
nor the magnitude of your dreams,
but one thing for sure I know is that
life is a drawing made from basis;
of where you cone from,
and where you shall be.

My brethren,
the aprons of our soul,
the humours of our spirits,
the webs of our life,
and the candles of our path,
all glow together from a common point,
and that is our “humble beginning”.

I do not in any way doubt the
handiwork of the living God,
Yes, God is existent,
He is alive,
an embodiment of all,
but one thing I know for sure,
that to have bigger dreams beyond your real identity,
and to live in an abstract world,
even the power of God would sink in Him.

let’s build our lives on our identity,
let’s not build castles in the air,
let’s not see beyond our scope,
I also know that
it pays to have bigger dreams,
it pays to have accurate visions,
but in all,
let’s recall where come from,
I mean our humble beginnings.

The Village Thinker © 2014


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