Shades of me: A monster roars in ink


I drooped it,
and a big splash
flushed me low,
like a big blowing cloud
of different roars …
it satire is dwindling
cos’ societies fate fist.

Blue island of me
Fifty million dilemmas
Impounded beyond cries
And where whales fly
the little tortoise speaks
Like Hitler on lease

The monster within
is bonding beyond rise
no love, just lies
Beyond measure of fury
I am quaffed and soiled
but green coup de’ tat
innocent souls wail
Zodiac fate never dreamed. But I am here?

I don’t need a red sea
to cross for Egypt’s sake
I just need a wooden canoe
made of a tortoise tongue
to sail me beyond eyes
Society is but evil …
an ordinary appearance of galactic
warlike streams of monsters
All sucking blood? Vampires!

Let me be wings
and you be winds
no saturation to cause gravitation
but hell,
the earth is not the moon…
Ode sent on marital happiness
as solemnity breaches
sainted leeches of lies
And all is me,
but monsterous..

The Village Thinker © 2014


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