Alone in this land


There is a vast land I wish to see,
it is a land locked up in a heart,
a land where gold is dust
and dust a clan shade of lust
as butterflies bubble like bees,
and a thick cloudless sky crying,
this is a land of me darkness
and I long to lay the bareness of me at shore.

I heard the whispers of truth,
taking beautiful shap-shots of lies,
yeah, and they were on date
Alas, I see them within chest beats,
Island of words wielding souls beneath
and that my pleasure.

Darkness is cruising parameters of love,
as candles died in twinkling blinks,
the wall looks pale and sobering,
Loneliness eating from my plate,
as ices on plateau of days looming
like a classical pianist of wonder,
and you seem to wonder
but how much would a castle cost?
that I would buy one to console me safe.

The Village Thinker © 2014


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