Your lighted
caressing me
thrusting on
anointed lips,
depth of your love.

As your face
melted my soul;
and your nipples
rippling me in heart,
I’ve fallen into……
your beautiful galleries!

The crow is not
enchanting enough
as colours of…..
a sunbeaming bird,
warms me of your
gentle touches
of a horizontal
applicable love butterflies.

like birds brooding
under light skinned
purple eyelids,
breath of you in me…..
passionate heartiest lures
of your massage;
an everlasting soothing
moment I dreamed in.

Bones of me calling,
from endless you
bonds of us yelling,
from boundless we
curves of you gleaming,
beauty revealed at night
lets brood our last
fetch humours of us
in the deep valley
of your heartbeat…
I am still incubated!

The Village Thinker © 2014

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