The night I first saw you


The night when dogs barked not
and the entire village caught in the webs of quietest
with only the owl of the eastern forest’s voice
sweeping along the beds of ear drums
and the moon halfing on it contours
with the blue star nearly kissing it radiant
of love for this sheening village
that I saw you adorned in those golden beads.

On seeing that deep beam in your dimple
I fled to hide behind that mud hut
just beside the big neem tree
the fact of the issue was
the tongue in my mouth shivered
I was thoughtless of what to do
tongue so ladden to heaviness of words
lost to the missing planet in my mind
about what to say to you
I felt my ankle birthed to softening
I was dumbfounded.

I kept starring at you
as you made your way amongst the maidens
from the waist beads ringing on your hips
to the anklets of beauty around your legs
I knew you were the ‘Royal Princess’
not of your father’s palace
but of my daily glittering dreams
there I stood muted
with eyes so wild
catching every twist and swing in your walks.

I heard the drums of excitement
from the dancing square of the village
I knew you were to dance for the new moon’s blessing
for our dear hard working farmers
and I didn’t want to miss this bright day
for when I looked at the stars
I saw my day with you gleaming on
I run to my mother’s hut
came out in my finest sack cloth
with a charming beam on.

With those flames all in your eyes
and the cheers of the people urging you on
you were in your element
and I was in mine stares
when you caught me to looks
and smiled right to my face
my soul flew to seek refuge in you
when finally everything was over
I felt your cold palms around my shoulder
slowly I turned to whisper into your ears
“you’ve kept me panting for long”.

The Village Thinker © 2014


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