Let us be


Come let’s take a stroll
stroll to the western portion of us
where innocent young  trees
shall bear witnesses of our fondness 
let us be—

The sky is darkening
I see the half we hanging
with leafless branches mulching
and the smiles of us flourishing
let us be.

Your eyes beautiful petals
eyelids gorgeous sepals
nose nourished like nuptial
half of your purple eyelashes beauteous
let us be.

Lifting eaglet eyes if mine
to the heaving chest of you
seeing that loyalty beat of your breast
a symphonious melody deep I hear
will you,
let us be?

I know it’s hard trusting someone
with the whole of your entirety
as a tender child does to the mother
only if you could
let us be—
I won’t be just anyone
but a thoroughly reflection of you…

The Village Thinker © 2014


4 thoughts on “Let us be

      1. There is just one thing in mind
        one tale of a mine
        deep frozen under ink
        bounded to telescopic eyes
        of a small village I live
        so let us by ink of chains
        rail the wheels of our inking trains
        to the brains of souls
        beyond the mere lingers
        of life’s woes…..
        #SireJohnCoyote, It deeply gladness me to the core to read this response of yours. I still go by the village anthem, my clothe is still lowered.

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