Solicitations of a Solitudinarian


I pray in my inner self
daily as the wind blows
from the life beyond
clinching and clinching
drained in my own half…

The wall staring at me looks silent
the clouds hanging overhead looks mute
mouths of comfort so dried
with nobody to console—

I am drenched in loneliness
so quaff in lonesome melodic drama
bewildered by pressing times
all alone and by myself

Words cannot express this dumbfounded lick
it is only my inner slice I keep
my plea floating in my palm
no ears to hear— just me!

Fragments circumstances of me in hollows
the windshields me outward
an escape of me sleeping slowly
a young load of me—
like the fetishes of a blue smoke

The Village Thinker © 201


4 thoughts on “Solicitations of a Solitudinarian

      1. Gratitude to you for such a beautiful piece of emotion. I loved and lived it simultaneously. I read that to my family too. It is always a nice feeling to learn about some beautiful thing penned down by a fellow human, distantly placed on the globe. I think that draws us close to humanity. Good wishes from all of us. Keep writing …keep venting.:)

      2. wow….wow…wow….
        reading the ink from the village boy to your family and that puts me into the BIG HEART of your Family. I do appreciate and see it an honour to be part of your family, though widely apart yet my soul flies within to see the family of yours put a beam on the contours of their cheeks.
        Greetings and more love!!!!
        I lower my clothe…@#Beingeternal

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