Rewriting the story: a poetic memoir


I wrote a story
a story of my own
I created characters
fictional characters
of my own presumption
I animated many of them
cartoonised others
Got myself a camera
got a cameraman to do the shooting
but it landed on the laps
of a humming sapphire
in the silent forest of my dreams
it all drew a blank
and the melodies of it orchestra
dumbfounded at the feet
of tomorrow’s realities.

Years after been motioned
under the spell of realities
with traumas of fiction wiped away
and shoe laces buckled to it
from the dawning of realistics
tempo runs of fate
the story got a new title
boundless figurative truncations
idiomatic rising zones of realities
coupled with the ticking situation
sounding clueless clue
about what tomorrow would be
and how they would speak.

whether small or big—
whether bright or dull—
whether attainable or not—
whether reputed or not—
whether accepted or not—
whether admired or not—
this is a story of me
I must rewrite
that is a story of you
you must rewrite
a story which no longer
lingers on the archives of fiction
a story which no longer
on the tale of a no storyteller
my memoir—
your memoir—
our memoirs—
to reshape the pulses of our destiny
on blue indelible imprints
on cradle of life’s realities
poetic identity woven dramatically!

The Village Thinker © 2014


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