Great ‘Bobo’


Sharing the brighter side of life;
inside you is fuel of love,
rekindling from a kind heart—
in the dark I smell your emotional soul.

Burning with loyal flames;
not yielding to roaring breezes, 
in the depth of obscurity—
you stand alone in the centre with your bliss still on.

My village, happily salutes you;
I, a humble village boy,
sings under the palm of my hut—
for the flying days you held me to sight.

When water wasn’t hydro;
with no current flowing to electrification,
on grid to link domestic poles—
and no moon to smile on us—
you beamed under the cocoa trees,
letting we, village folks, admire the love of the night—
you’re so dear to the deep of our hearts.
   —-Great Bobo-

The Village Thinker © 2014

“Bobo” in Twi—local Ghanaian dialect is a locally manufactured lamp made from tins or cans, with a stick as a handle and a thin piece of rag or cloth serving as the area with which the match is set into it —and which uses kerosene as it fuel. It is an ancient lamp used by generations down generations. In about 90% of typical Ghanaian Villages, it is suitable for snail hunting in the deep pitched nights.


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