Flawed Democracy



interests of the people—
taking into accounts—
on the plates of governance….
is what you seem to propagate.
You are all in all! Yes a peoples choice.
Candidates schooled on scholars thesis,
you set tones right;
brewing a class society of unknowns.
In Africa we seek you daily in the dark;
where you lie in tin fragments of the west,
a chlorine summary of hollows.

pushed to your desires!
Push your seat to the others—
and the anticlockwise syringe of time stings—
You made us enemies,
set huge flames of enmity….
among us and the ‘rest’.
Yes, you said it with your western coiners that…
were all the devils pie!


You know how it felt,
when disdainfully you spat on the faces of,
calling them obscures of fate!
The worst was,
when you propounded,
and calculated many accompanied descriptions for;
and socialism—
claiming they were the direct offsprings,
of chronic backward retrogressive developmental tools.

Once on paper and in words,
Abraham Lincoln described you as,
“government of the people,
by the people and for the people”
and, yet, there is no people in your belly.
There you sit on the apex,
not ugly faced looking;
sparkling in delight—
with innumerable hidden ‘intents’ known to yourself only.
Men angrily seeking to be pregnant—
just calling themselves life savers.
But inwardly,
parochial selfishness desire is their lot.


In my land,
In the land of my birth,
on this vast land of my navel cutting:
In Africa my motherland—
in Ghana my fatherland—
you shoved off socialist appeals,
dreamily plotted to quench all other alternatives,
lord yourself on our necks,
and said you were the best to ‘save’ us.
having being drunk to the deep of you,
having read on the lips,
of the havocs caused all over our soil,
claiming million lives,
spilling innocent blood all over,
plunging winning countries into pools of devestation;
I now realised who you are……
you’re the downfall of Africa,
the crash down of African countries!

You’ve maimed this beautiful land.
Turned many peaceful human souls,
into greedy chaotic inhuman souls.
They hide under the curtain of constitution,
plot to loot the poor citizenry (people).
Where are the people,
their whises,
and interests written in your good books?
I see all pages empty,
yes empty sheets—
of personal partisan politicking!
I favour you not,
I appreciate you not,
I honour you not,
You’ve failed me;
you’ve failed my people,
you’ve failed us,
yes, you’ve failed all Africa……
Flawed democracy,
fictioned in good looking appearances of robust detriments.

The Village Thinker © 2014


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